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Each year, the U.S. Travel Association publishes amazing deals for travel. Each giveaway is limited to a certain amount of redemptions and comes with its own terms and conditions. Based on the price and popularity, the getaways can sell out instantly or, in the case of the less popular ones, go into the “Last Chance Offers” section of the site (the Hertz getaway sold out despite being devalued only a few days prior).

The Deal

On May 17, the ever-popular two nights at a Loews Hotel offer became live at 1:00 pm EST. These offers are generally money-losers for the companies that offer them, which is why they are in limited quantity. I tried to click the “buy now” button exactly at 1:00 pm. Unfortunately, 25 people had already clicked before I did. After some refreshing and a lot of clicking, the deal landed in my cart. I had a limited time to make a decision, but I purchased the deal knowing I have until June 2020 to book a two night stay.

Confirmation of my Daily Getaway

I haven’t received the actual voucher yet, so I don’t know the exact terms and conditions or blockout dates. Ideally, I would like to use the voucher for the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando in November. Looking at random dates for the resort, the hotel prices range anywhere from $350-$450 per night excluding tax, so this deal was especially great. Loews does not (yet) charge resort fees in Orlando, so there won’t be any other expenses beyond food and park tickets added to the rate.

Loews Royal Pacific Resort November Prices

Stay Tuned!

I will write another post once I receive the voucher letting everyone know when I booked my stay and how easy the voucher was to redeem. Buying the voucher was only half the battle. Stay tuned!

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