All About the Florida Visitor Toll Pass


This is something that I found incredibly valuable for my last trip. I haven’t seen a lot written about it, so hopefully this helps some of you.

Last time I traveled to Disney World, I discovered something called the Visitor Toll Pass. It’s a free way for visitors to use the toll lanes while renting a car in Orlando. You can only pick it up at the Orlando Airport, but the pass is valid for all of the Florida tolls.

No need to rent a transponder from my rental car company and the ability to use the (cheaper and faster) toll lanes? I was sold.

Florida Visitor Toll Pass Hangtag

Picking Up the Toll Pass

The Visitor Toll Pass pickup is stationed directly across from all of the rental car counters on both the A and B sides of Orlando Airport. You’ll see a large Visitor Toll Pass banner and a few employees with iPads standing around.

Note that you must pick up the toll pass from inside the airline terminal–not the building where the cars are located. If you have a program like National where you can go right to the rental cars, be sure to grab your toll pass before walking to pick up your car.

Employees were incredibly helpful, and in three minutes I was set with the pass, which is a hangtag that you place in your car before you leave the car rental lot. You can “reserve” your pass beforehand, but should you forget or not have a reservation, employees can sign you up on the spot.

You’ll be briefed on how to hang the tag, and they’ll verify your personal info like your e-mail, home address and credit card. With that, you’re all set to hang the tag and use the toll lanes as if you had an E-PASS.

Florida Visitor Toll Pass Instructions

Installing and Using the Toll Pass

Placing the hangtag is easy. You just have to put it on the rearview mirror of whichever rental car you receive/choose. As long as you place it before you leave the rental car building, you can then drive through the toll lanes as normal. I had no issues skipping the cash lanes and just following the locals through each of the toll lanes.

Hangtag on my Rental Car

Even better, the tolls will show up on your Visitor Toll Pass account, so you can keep track of how much you have to pay. The tolls did not show up in real time but posted within a day.

List of tolls on my account


The Visitor Toll Pass is a great way to save some time and money while visiting the Orlando theme parks. The toll lanes are cheaper than the cash lanes, and you can just drive through them as normal with the pass.

The program is in a trial period but will likely keep getting extended. Be sure to provide positive feedback after your trip since this is a great service offered by the Central Florida Expressway Authority.