If you don’t have an OpenTable account, you are probably living under a rock. Go open one if you don’t have one. Also, when was the last time you checked to see how many points you had? Never? Well, go check now. They may be worth more than you think.

After saving almost 50% on my Disney World hotel, I wanted to book an additional night so I wouldn’t have to stay with my friend after I landed (no offense to her, but my own bed at Disney’s Pop Century Resort was slightly better than a couch).

OpenTable Points for a Hotel?!

I know, I was surprised too, and there is not much written about this online. Most people think they can only redeem OpenTable points for restaurants, which used to be the case. However, OpenTable is owned by Booking Holdings, and the company added the option to redeem OpenTable points for hotels. With the recent OpenTable devaluation, you actually get more value for a hotel than a restaurant voucher, making hotel stays a no-brainer for using OpenTable points. Just know the hotel reservations are non-refundable.

Priceline Express Deals for a Disney hotel were unavailable for the first night of my stay, but while I was booking an OpenTable restaurant for Orlando, I went to check my points and stumbled upon my options for redeeming since I had over 5,000 points in my account. This equated to a $100 voucher on Kayak!

In fact, every 1,000 OpenTable points are worth $20. This translates to two cents per point, a great value when you consider your OpenTable hotel bookings are “free” as long as you actually attend the restaurant you book. I think the maximum amount you can redeem is 10,000 points for $200, but don’t quote me on that.

OpenTable Points Conversion Table

How to Book a Hotel With OpenTable Points

OpenTable also has a blog post on this, but I wanted to tell you from personal experience. First, you sign into your OpenTable account and go to your profile. There, you’ll see your points and an option to redeem them for a Kayak hotel stay. Click that redemption option.

Going into My Profile to book a hotel stay with Kayak on OpenTable

This will take you to a Kayak search and booking page. Oddly enough the process is run by Rocketmiles, but you search through Kayak. My guess is that this is Booking Holding’s way to make the hotel stay non-refundable in addition to allowing you to use points since Rocketmiles is their “points” website. I wanted to book a Disney Pop Century Resort stay, so I entered my Orlando dates and selected the specific hotel I wanted.

OpenTable Hotels/Kayak Search Page
Selecting Disney’s Pop Century Resort in OpenTable Hotels/Kayak/Rocketmiles

You can choose how many points to redeem for the hotel stay. I chose the $100 option, but you can select more or less depending on how many points you have. I will reiterate that these hotels stays are nonrefundable, and my guess is that you will have a hard time getting your points back if you change your mind. This cancellation policy is noted on the booking page.

Choosing to save $100. Yes please!
OpenTable/Kayak Hotels Booking Page and Cancellation Policy

OpenTable Hotels Confirmation

You will then enter your payment information and get a confirmation. The confirmation is very limited. I reached out to the “24 hour concierge” to ask for my Disney confirmation so I could load the hotel into My Disney Experience. If you want the peace of mind that you have an actual hotel reservation, I recommend you retrieve your official hotel confirmation by calling Rocketmiles at 855-355-7625 or by using the online contact form on your reservation. It took about two days for them to get back to me via e-mail, but I did receive a response with a confirmation that worked in My Disney Experience. Ultimately, I paid about $55 for one night at Pop Century, which was 40% off the already-discounted rate!

OpenTable Hotel Confirmation

Bottom Line

Using OpenTable points to reserve a hotel is a “hidden” trick and a great use of your points–getting more in value than if you were to redeem them for a restaurant, which they have made super complicated. I will use this feature in the future as I keep accumulating points.

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